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What is Acomplia? 


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Acomplia is new class of therpeutic agencts called Cannibinoid Receptor Blockers and it is used for the treatment of obesity and other such conditions.

How does Acomplia work?

It blocks the receptors of CB1 in the brain and other peripheral organs. It can act with glucose, lipid (fat) metabolsim, liver, gastrointestinal tract and other adipose tissues. The brain circuits which can make people hungry can be switched off by acomplia when they smoke cannabis.

The overactivity of the endocannabinoid system can reblocked by the CB1 receptor with Acomplis. There are receptors included in the endocannabinoid system like CB1 receptors which have played very important role in maintaining and regulating the weight of the body and it can control the energy balance and glucose and lipid metabolism in the body.

What is Acomplia used for?

You can use Acomplia to diet and exercixse in order to treat obesity and overweight promblems. It can also be used by the diabetes patient with type 2 and other abnormal levels of fat in the food. The risks of cardiovascular disease can be reduced with the help of Acomplia. Acomplia can be very good for the patients with large waist circumference.

Does Acomplia also aid smoking cessation?

Acomplia is being used as an aid to smoke cessation for more than 6,500 smokers who are motivated to quit smoking. Acomplia has been granted letter from FDA for the use in weight management.

Acomplia has been approved by the Europena Union but it still waiting for the approval in the United States.

What were the results of Acomplia Clinical trial studies?

Acomplia has showed a great improvement in different cardiometric risk factors and it is also used for promoting sustained weight loss. Most of the patients with HDL cholesterol, triglycerides and HbA1c have been able to lose their weight beyond expetcted results taking Acomplia 20 mg.

What are the side-effects of Acomplia?

There are some side effects observed in patients with the Acomplia in obesity. Some people have observed vomiting and nausea with Acomplia and some people took the placebo.