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Connie Smith, J.D.
Executive Director

Ms. Smith has a broad background in both business and law. She is a licensed attorney in the State of California and began practicing law in 1983. She worked as a Deputy District Attorney in the County of Los Angeles and later started her own practice specializing in business and contract law.

In addition to her law background, Ms. Smith has owned and operated several businesses - all quickly sold after several years of successful business. As co-owner of R. J. Smith International, she assisted in providing custom-made products to some of the largest corporations in the country. Companies such a Vuarnet of France, Swatch Watch, Kodak, Frito-Lay, and Motorola are just a few on the impressive list of satisfied customers.

In 1990, Ms. Smith launched the W. L. Stephenson Institute of Business and Law which offered business and legal training to paralegal professionals. She was also involved in the start-up of a personal growth magazine, owned and operated the Synergy Institute in Orlando, Florida and has recently started a natural-based cosmetic company called Isis International Egyptian Cosmetics.

Ms. Smith has taught numerous seminars and classes across the nation on a wide range of topics from computer training to personal development and self-growth. Ms. Smith is a major contributor to the business development manual used throughout IIC's seminar programs and an excellent educator and speaker.

David Higgins, Ph.D.
Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Dr. Higgins has been an educator and professional trainer for nearly 30 years. With doctorate degrees in both Education and Psychology, Dr. Higgins has taught in the public education system from Junior High to the Graduate School level. He has also worked for many large corporations in sales, marketing and training.

For the last 20 years, Dr. Higgins has assisted several private colleges across the country to increase sales effectiveness in student enrollment as well as to improve the quality of education. In 1982, Dr. Higgins was hired as the sales trainer for Beneficial Life Insurance company. As one of their top sales people, Dr. Higgins worked with their sales staff to assist in increasing sales effectiveness and overall production.

Dr. Higgins also has a private psychology practice and has successfully assisted hundreds of people to overcome addictions, phobias and personal conflicts. In addition, he has developed a series of personal growth seminars which he has offered in various places across the country, assisting people to increase confidence, self-esteem and personal success.

Dr. Higgins is a popular public speaker and actively involved in the business and sales training programs at IIC.