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 Business Assistance Programs


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Starting a new business can be challenging as well as confusing and even the best of entrepreneurs can use assistance to expand an already successful business. IIC's Business Assistance Programs combine multiple tasks into simple, easy-to-understand packages that you can select and combine for your particular needs. Allow our Legal Department to handle the myriad of legal requirements for Federal, State and local laws so you can focus your attention on what you are good at - developing your ideas and products to the fullest!

Business Incorporation Package List Price: $800.00
Incorporation can be easy!

Commercial Web Presence Package List Price: $800.00
Your web presence can be critical to future success!

Business Image Package List Price: $500.00
A professional image carries a lot of weight in securing business for the future.

Business Administration Package List Price: $1,250.00
Set up an efficient "system" for your business....

Business Consultant Package List Price: $2,000.00
Assistance from start-up to web site design & full operation!

New Business Set-Up Package List Price: $200.00
Meet preliminary legal requirements.