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Female Sexual Dysfunction 


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There can be physical or psychological causes of physical difficulties. The sex can be affected by the emotional factors including interpersonal and psychological problems. Marital or relationship problems include interpersonal problems. Depression, sexual fear or past sexual trauma can be causes of psychological problems. There can be physical factors like drugs, alcohol, back injuries, enlarged prostate glands, blood supply problems and nerve damage problems can contribute to physical factors of sexual difficulties in women. Hormone deficiencies and some birth defects can also lead to sexual difficulties.

The sexual problems can be more common in the early adult years especially during late 20s through 30s and it can increase in the geriatric population with gradual onset symptoms which are associated with most common causes of the sexual dysfunction. This problem can be more common in people who abuse drugs and alcohol. The people having diabetes and degenerative neurological disorders can also have sexual difficulties.

There are four common types of sexual dysfunction disorders which are


There can be symptoms of sexual dysfunction in women like lack of interest, inability to feel aroused, and pain with the intercourse. In these problems, the women will have inability to relax their vaginal muscles to allow the intercourse. There will be inadequate vaginal lubrication before and during the intercourse as well. There will be inability to attain orgasm. The women might feel burning pain on vulva or there will be contact to those areas in the vagina.


The diagnosis of the sexual problems depends on the form of the sexual dysfunction which is being investigated. The doctors will have to go to complete history of the problem and physical examination will also be performed to identify the predisposing illness or such conditions. There will also be checkup for the possible fears, anxieties or specific sexual behaviors or performance. The whole body of females will be checked during physical examination.

If the sexual problems persist and are a concern then you should call your doctors for emergency help.

The treatment of the sexual problems depends on the causes of the sexual dysfunction. All medical problems are managed medically which can be curable or treatable. The females with the sexual problems due to physical illness, conditions or inabilities can get help from the physical therapy and mechanical aides.

There are lubrication gels, hormone creams are available for women to treat vaginal dryness. The women with the premenopausal or menopausal can get help from the hormones replacement therapy. The women with the deficiency of androgen can get help from the testosterone. There are testosterone creams with use of biofeedback available for women to treat the vulvodynia. The nerve pain can be treated with the antidepressants.

There are different techniques available for the treatment of the behavioral problems associated with the orgasm and sexual arousal disorder.

There should be open, informative and accurate communication on the sexual issues between both the partners.