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Treating Erectile Dysfunction 


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Erectile dysfunction has been a common problem in men which has affected more than 140 million men in the world including 30 million in America. This problem increases with the age. There is failure to attain and sustain erection in men in erectile dysfunction which can allow you to have sexual satisfaction and is classified as mild, moderate or severe erectile dysfunction. There can be devastating effects of erectile dysfunction on level of self confidence of man and it can destroy intimate relationships.

You can treat erectile dysfunction with Viagra (sildenafil citrate) which is widely known erection pill.

The stimulation of both the senses and mind can start erection. The message is sent down to the nerve from brain in the spinal cord to the penis when a man becomes sexually stimulated. The neurotransmitters are released in the penis which send signal to relax and fill with blood. The penis becomes stiff, erect and enlarged when the penis is filled with blood.

There can be some serious impact of erectile dysfunction on the quality of life of a man. The relationships with the partners will also be affected with it. The erectile dysfunction may be caused by some medical reasons like diabetes, neurological conditions or circulatory problems in most of men. It can also be caused by some psychogenetic or lifestyle factors.

The stress and anxiety due to work pressure, family pressure, conflict of relationship and fear of inability to perform can be some lifestyle factors of the erectile dysfunction. There will less focus and there will be decrease in the awareness of senses during the sexual activity. The catecholamine levels will be decreased due to these factors which can increase smooth muscle tone and there will be problems in the relaxation of muscles which will be required to sustain an erection.

Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by the clinical depression and lower desire in sex due to which depression will increase. There can also be some side effects of the medications used for the treatment of the depression like anti depressant, monoamine, oxidase inhibitor, and lithium and reuptake inhibitors. The erectile dysfunction can also be caused by substance abuse.

You can treat erectile dysfunction successfully with the help of Sildenafil which is a chemical with minimum side effects. There can be natural erection following sexual stimulation as this is phosphodiesterase type drug. This drug has proved to be very effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men which is caused by various factors like diabetes, heart disease, lung disease and spinal cord injuries.

The sildenafil has provided significant improvements in the erections from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction problems. It has also provided the quality of erection and level of satisfaction during the sexual activity.

Both the partners can increase the level of sexual satisfaction by using Sildenafil for erection during sexual stimulation. There are no side effects studied of this drug and this drug is good for men having mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. The study of the sildenafil for erectile dysfunction is conducted in natural setting instead of clinical environment. This drug has got so much popularity since its introduction in the market in 1998 and it has helped so many people to improve their quality of life. It is easy and convenient to use.